Pricks and Prejudice, and Zombies

Finally got my first prick the moment, really just feels like I was punched in the arm by a small child. I am unabashedly one of those people who was visibly elated by the chance to get this modern medical marvel. While I've always been one to believe that you discount the power of prayer at your own risk, but this one - this is a testament to human achievement. Despite whatever variety of horrible beings we are capable of being, we have an ability to solve problems on a scale that no species on Earth has ever had.

And if somehow this all goes pear-shaped and this vaccine brings on the zombie apocalypse, I'm still very happy with the decision I've made. Cause I'm not the kind of hero that makes it to the end of those movies...anything past minute 20 is borrowed time for me. So yeah, I wanna be the one trying to eat the brains, not the one having to bash zombie brains...seems like way less stress.