Respite from a Chaotic World

As phenomenally strange and difficult as 2020 has been, I’ve found a little slice of solace from somewhere I actually expected the opposite. Being a bit of a traditionalist, I thought I would get a sour taste from the changes made to the rules this MLB season. I was wrong. Strange things are happening in baseball games because of the the new rules, the unstable schedule, extra roster changes, etc. Things that would almost never happen in a “regular” regular season…and it’s glorious. The other day, a starter gave up 4 runs and then loaded the bases with only one out in the top of the 1st - and he wasn’t taken out. That’s not normal, and it’s fascinating. I realize baseball isn’t exactly the most exciting sport to watch, but if you don’t watch it much, I recommend taking in a game or two this year. Because with all hope and effort there will never be a season like this again.

So I admit that for this one, small respite from a chaotic world, strange is alright in my book.